Can I personalize the silence booth?

That’s why we offer many options for personalization. You can customize the cabin by choosing the upholstery color that perfectly matches your preference. And we even go one step further! If you want, we can work with your company’s upholstery, logo and corporate identity so that the cubicle seamlessly matches your organization’s look and branding.

Is the Cabb-In truly soundproof?

And we don’t actually think that’s desirable, either. The acoustics are carefully designed to create a quiet workspace and promote productivity. While sounds from outside may still be somewhat audible, sounds to the outside are significantly attenuated. This ensures that the Cabb-In provides a pleasant working environment without unpleasant sound reflections.

How long can I sit in a quiet booth?

Nevertheless, we recommend a maximum of 2 hours of uninterrupted work in these. The Up version is specifically designed to work standing up, but you can fold out a stool for shorter sitting periods.

However, it is not intended for sitting in all day. With the Up, we recommend a maximum of 1 hour of continuous work in the quiet booth. If you want to work for longer periods, we recommend the Single version, in which a normal chair can be integrated and everything can be ergonomically adjusted. This allows you to work comfortably from 9 to 5.


What about the movability of the cabin?

But we also understand that there may be situations where you want to move the booth yourself. Unlike most booths on the market, our soundproof rooms are made of lighter materials. This allows to easily move the Cabb-In, using a variety of tools.

What is the delivery time of a silent booth?

In that sense, the delivery time can be up to about 12 weeks. However, the customization and extra time required ensures a personalized quiet booth that meets your specific needs. Your patience will be rewarded with a high-quality, custom-made cubicle that perfectly fits the desired style and functionality of your space.

What do I need to connect a Cabb-In?

Whether in an office space or a public area, as long as you have access to an electrical outlet, you can plug in the Cabb-In without any problems.

What about the energy consumption of a Cabb-In?

Elements such as LED lighting and efficient fans contribute to low energy consumption. Thereby, energy consumption depends on factors such as cell size and the number of electronic devices used. Users can manually control the light in the cell to avoid unnecessary energy consumption.